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Bulletproof Webhosting
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Bulletproof Hosting
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Bulletproof VPS

ionHost is your professional Bulletproof hosting service in Kyrgyzstan.

ionHost has been around since 2019 and established themselves as a reliable force in Bulletproof Hosting.

All proposed servers are located in the server racks and connected directly to the main equipment of ionHost, which ensures their high availability on the Internet.

ionHost, with its own Data Center, offers hosting services for server and telecom equipment in closed server cabinets, equipped with everything necessary to ensure the best Bulletproof operation of the equipment.

ionHost will not Assume liability for any content host with our service.
We do not cooperate with law enforcement or any government near individuals or cooperations.

ionHost do not give any personal data to any third parties, you will stay safe and anonymous with our hosting.

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Bulletproof Hosting

The main goal of is remaining online and secure. Keeping our clientele’s credentials and data intact if law enforcement comes calling.
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We value and offer complete anonymity with because this is one of the few places where it still remains.
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Two Rule Restriction
We do NOT support outgoing email spam & child pornography!

99.9% Uptime

Our technical team works round the clock to ensure high availability, provide technical assistance at our Support Center, and maintain a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

Full Root Access

At IonHost, your servers functionality and availability are our utmost priority. Root access allows you to make any server configurations and install new software without any hassle faced in shared environments.

Instant Setup

All of our VPS and Webhosting services will be deployed instantly after success payment. You will find the status of your service in the IonHost Clientarea.

Data Protect

We take security seriously here and we can ensure you that your data is very safe in our hands. Your personal data and the files on your hosting will never be shared!

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