Terms of Service

Terms of Service


Using the services of ionHost.io, you agree to abide by our rules.


ionHost.io reserves the right to cancel, suspend or discontinue any service in the event of non-compliance with the following below rules.


For bigger projects we recommend a VPS Server!



You may not use ionHost.io service for:


  • Child Pornography!
  • Outgoing Email Spam
  • Any kind of "direct" network attacks outgoing from our servers are prohibited


If the dedicated IP of your server will be blacklisted by spamhaus your service will be suspended immediately.



We provide support in English language.

We do not tolerate profanity or offensive language in any form of contact with us. Such behavior will result in warning, shutdown or termination of services.

Any direct abuse / threat to any of our staff will result in the immediate termination of your service and no refund will be provided.


In some "special" cases we have to suspend your service for other reasons, but you will be able to receive some files or databases within 24 hours after suspension from our supporting staff.

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